Hi, I'm Stephanie.

I have 5 true loves in life: photography, coffee, music, my daughter, and my high school sweetheart.

So I start every morning with a concert in my shower and a hot Almond Milk latte (or two). If my husband were here writing this bio for me, he would definitely accuse me of having an “unhealthy coffee addiction” - but I’d be willing to argue it’s neccessary fuel to keep my creativity flowing.

When I’m not drinking coffee or singing, I spend most of my days taking photos in Duluth or playing with my daughter, Anora.

Spoiler alert: she’s the cutest thing on the planet (not biased at all). 

Photo by Angela Jo Photography

Love Notes

Love Notes

“I was so nervous to take pictures since my fiance and I never take pictures together and I feel I’m not very photogenic. She. Did. Amazing. I cannot thank her enough and am so excited to do my wedding with her. she is so easy to work with and I would recommend 100 times.”